Medic Alert


For  many years Lions, Lionesses & Leo’s have been working together with MedicAlert to assist people in the British Isles & Ireland that may have a hidden medical condition or allergy that could put them at risk in an emergency. You and your Club can help by:

1. Joining MedicAlert yourself if you have a hidden medical condition

2. Enroll your Family and Friends if they need the protection and peace of mind that the MedicAlert system provides 3. Organise your Club to sponsor MedicAlert Membership for people or groups in your community who cannot afford to join

4. Tell people in your community how MedicAlert could save your life

For Leaflets, Posters and further information speak to your MD MedicAlert Officer on 0845 833 2764

or contact Lions MDHQ on 0121 441 4544

or speak directly to:

The MedicAlert Foundation

327 – 329 Witan Court,

Milton Keynes,


T: 0800 581 420


or go to the MedicAlert website on