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Dear Fellow Lions

The email you have received or may receive shortly from LCI has been sent inadvertently by someone at Oakbrook. We as an MD will be continuing in the approved manner unless you hear differently from me.

Please continue with YLiS in MD105 using the logbooks and form YLiS 1 and then at the end of the 12 months service send the completed logbooks together with forms YLiS 2 and YLiS 3 to you District Officer. District Officers will as previously submit to me the form for the issuing of certificates.The certificates will be staying the same and cloth badges or metal pins will continue to sent with the certificates at no additional cost to clubs.





Sally Marsh

Lion Sally Marsh

MDO Young Leaders in Service



Young Leaders in Services


YLiS Awards 2015-2016

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YLiS new pin

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YLIS GUIDE 2016 (June)

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