Information for Lions Clubs

Any Club wishing to place a pallet order (each pallet contains 32 boxes of 90 bottles totalling 2,880 pre packed bottles) of Lions  Message in a Bottle need to complete the form on the next page and forward it Lions Headquarters in Birmingham, or you may order by e-mail to the following address  . Current prices are noted on the order form.
Any Club wishing to place an order for individual boxes (each box contains 90 pre packed bottles) of Lions Message in a Bottle can do so by sending an e-mail through to Lions Headquarters in Birmingham. Boxes may be collected from HQ or will be dispatched by courier to a designated address.
Now that you have reached this point, if you still have some questions or you need some help to launch the scheme please contact your District Message in a Bottle Co-ordinator or contact Lions Clubs Headquarters who will be able to offer you assistance.
Finally there are some posters available to help you promote this project.
Please Call MDHQ for more information 0121 441 4544