Service Areas


Since the launch of SightFirst in 1990, Lions have improved eye health and eye care for hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Lions aim to reduce avoidable blindness and visual impairment and improve the overall quality of life through services to the blind or visually impaired. 



Diabetes is a global epidemic, and one of the fastest-growing in the world.  It is a leading cause of death globally and a leading cause of blindness and visual impairment.

Through the Lions Clubs International Foundation, Lions aim to rid the world of infectious blindness, reduce the prevalence of diabetes and improve the quality of life for those diagnosed.



Hunger remains one of the world’s most critical and urgent challenges, due to rising food and energy prices, economic recessions, climate change, and political instability.

Lions are working towards a world in which no child goes hungry, expanding the resources and infrastructure needed to address food shortage gaps around the world.


Childhood Cancer

Every two minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer in the world.

Lions Clubs are creating a coalition of medical and social services to increase global life expectancy and enhance the quality of life for children living with cancer and their families.




Two-thirds of the world’s resources are ‘used up’ this includes energy, water and the ability to harvest food.  The human race is living beyond its means; although our planet regenerates resources, we are using them faster than the planet can cope with.

Lions Clubs International have partnered with international experts each bringing their own unique and valuable approach.  Lions Clubs International are dedicated to supporting Lions Clubs across the world undertake large scale projects that will create a sustainable and healthy future for generations to come.


Disaster Relief

Natural disasters can be profoundly destructive, leaving in their wake a trail of injury, death and economic loss.  Today, approximately 90,000 people die a year, with 160 million being negatively impacted upon, as a result of natural disasters.

Through the Lions Clubs International Foundation, Lions are prepared for and respond to natural disasters, providing for short-term relief and long-term recovery within our communities around the world. 



There are many facets to young people and the skills they need to thrive in the modern world.  Lions Clubs seek to empower the next generation with a range of youth programmes.

Lions support creative talent through an annual Peace Poster and Essay contest.  Young people are recognised for their inspirational accomplishments and helped to develop leadership skills through the Young Ambassador and Young Leader in Service Awards.  Lions support young people and motivate them to help others through Leo Clubs, Youth Camps, and Youth Exchange programmes.  Lions publish vital lifeskills educational resources for those working with children and young people