Where can i get a Bottle from !!

Members of the public may find bottles displayed in your local Chemist or Doctors Surgery. In many Communities the local neighbourhood watch, Age Concern or housing associations have joined this project and and will make bottles available to the public. If you are unable to find a bottle you can contact your local Lions Club by following the link below which will help to locate your local Club.

Please select the link “Find my nearest Lions Club” to find the Lions area (district) that you live in

Each web site contains a wealth of information including the contact details for all the Clubs in the area.

If you have any difficulties in finding your nearest Club, please contact Lions Clubs Headquarters on 0845 833 9502 or by e-mail

If you are a Lions Club or an organisation wishing to order larger quantities of bottles please see the link below for the Message in a Bottle order form, this form can be printed, filled in and sent to MDHQ at the address shown on the form.

  1. Message in a Bottle and Order Form
  2. Where can i get a Bottle from !!
  3. FAQ’s Message in a Bottle
  4. Information for Lions Clubs
  5. Message in a Bottle Medical Form