Lions Logos & the Brand identity manual

The three logos shown below are the only official Lions Clubs International logos that clubs, districts and Multiple Districts should be using in both print and in electronic format (for example: websites and social media, including emails and presentations, etc.)

Logo examples - correct vs incorrect

The full colour emblem shown to the far right (with a cross through) has a red tongue and grey shadowing, it should not be used in printed material or online (including websites or social media).  The full colour emblem has only to be used on embroidered patches and through items purchased from LCI.   This has been in effect since 2008.

The current Lions logos including Leos, LCIF, the five Global causes – Diabetes, Vision, Hunger, the Environment and Childhood Cancer (for members only) are available for download and reproduction on the following link


Lions Clubs International primary colours shown to the left are: LCI blue Pantone 287, LCI gold Pantone 7406 and LCI Pantone warm grey 10 C.  If you require  the 4-colour process (known as CMYK) for printing, please refer to the user manual on  the link below.

Note: The primary typeface for Lions Clubs communications is Helvetica Neue – if you do not have this font, it can be downloaded free from sites such as: The secondary typeface is Sabon and may also be downloaded online eg from (Lions Clubs International British Isles & Ireland is not responsible for such sites). Alternatively, you may substitute Arial and Times for word processing and internal communications when the primary and secondary typefaces are not available

If you would like to have the signature logo personalised for your club, require other assistance or have any questions regarding using the LCI branding, email or call Mandy Broadbent on 01204 435340.

A low-res pdf version of the LCI Graphic Identity Branding Manual can be found below:

Download (PDF, 5.72MB)