Penny Campaign

One of the biggest challenges facing Lions clubs is to let members of the public know who we are and what we do. The PENNY CAMPAIGN* created by the PR/Marketing team helps you do that through a clear message:

wecareYou can read more about the key elements of the campaign, and order or download marketing materilas via the following links:

  • The Penny Postcard - is a simple - and cost effective - communications device which is designed as a conversation starter when meeting members of the public or potential supporters.
  • Penny support materials - clubs include an A4 pdf poster, a template media release and a jpeg logo image.

It may be a simple concept, but it has clear relevance for Lions Clubs in communicating with the public, supporters and potential members.  Simon Moss has been inspired to create a YouTube video of the Penny Postcard campaign which can be viewed here:

* The Penny Campaign is used in Ireland as the Cent Campaign - click here for relevant materials

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