Penny Postcard

The Penny Campaign created by the PR/Marketing team helps clubs communicate a clear message:
We care about every penny – using a simple – and cost effective – communications device – the Penny Postcard.

The postcard is designed as a conversation starter when meeting members of the public or potential supporters. Just ask: How can you help Lions make every penny count in your local community?

CALL TO ACTION:  The Penny Postcard is a reminder of the JUST ASK recruitment idea – encouraging all Lions to ask people to come along to events or become members.

pennypostcard-front pennypostcard-rear
THE FRONT: We know people are concerned about how their money is being spent. Using the card, you can proudly tell them that Lions make every penny count by helping local communities, doing good deeds, having fun – and not spending a single penny on administration costs. THE BACK: Explain further using the reverse of the card. Use local examples of initiatives that focus on helping others through health, sight, youth or international projects. You can point out Lions social media details and your Club’s personalised contact information.

justaskpennyThe centre of the postcard is the really clever part. By sticking a shiny new coin over the penny image, you can capture public attention, emphasise the Lions’ penny message – and talk about how they can get involved in making every penny count.


☐  Collect sufficient pennies
☐  Purchase glue dots
(See Poundland – 200 for £1, Hobbycraft or via Ebay)
☐  Place any grubby pennies overnight in vinegar or cola, rinse and polish to make shiny
☐  Stick the clean pennies onto the front of the postcards using the glue dots


How do I get hold of the Penny Postcards?
Order via MDHQ by email: or phone: 0845 833 9502

How much do the Penny Postcards cost?
The cost is £2.00 per 100 cards – so that’s £10.00 for 500 cards (plus P+P)

How can the Penny Postcards be personalised?
MDHQ can supply ‘Contact Us’ labels to the exact size for the cards at a cost of £10.50 (inc. P+P) for 500. Provide details for the five lines of text on the labels, when ordering.