BALCOMBE: Lion Denise (Den)

Bromley Lions Club.

It is with great sadness that we announce the unexpected death of Lion Den Balcombe, who died suddenly on Saturday 29th June 2019.

Den was a member of Bromley Lions for nearly 25 years during which she served as President 3 times and in recent years as Secretary. She served as Zone Chairman on three occasions and also Region Chairman, roles that she undertook with a determination to do a good job but with a practical outlook and her own brand of humour.  She was firm but fair and the number of Lions who have contacted us from around the District to express their condolences is testimony to the respect and affection held for her.

Den was passionate about helping the local community and once she set her mind to something she was unwavering in her commitment to see the job through and yes she could be bloody minded but she also had a softer side and if she saw you needed help she’d be there for you.

In her role as Club Secretary she was fastidious in making sure papers were distributed and any responses made within timescales and that the Club operated with good governance. In meetings Den kept us in all order (or in the case of husband Lion Mick, tried to) and if you fell short of what was required you’d know about it but the next minute she’d be laughing and joking with you.

We will all miss Lion Den not only as a Lion but as a friend and whilst she is no longer with us her legacy will live on. Our thoughts are with Lion Mick, daughter and son in law, Lions Dawn and David, and granddaughters Poppy and Freya.