Loddon Valley Lions Club.

Lion Guy Elliott [MJF] (28th August 1922 – 28th June 2019) was a Charter Member of Loddon Valley Lions Club and actively served the local community for over 44 years. He was our Club President 1987/88.

It was on Guy’s farm where our Country Working Fair ploughing competitions took place and in Guy’s barn that many of the Club’s Social Barn Dances were held. In the earlier days of the Loddon Valley Lions’ Treacle Fair it would be Guy on his tractor leading the parade through the village to the delight of the residents.

Guy was a very popular member of the club (especially with the ladies). Respected and loved by all he will be greatly missed for his dry sense of humour, camaraderie and his willingness to help all around.

He was a true Lion to the end.