Tribute to generations of Lions

Lions around the world have been changing lives since 1917 through humanitarian service.

We pay tribute to the generations of Lions who have made a commitment to serve their local communities. Their legacy of loyalty and good deeds inspires every Lion to live up to the values that continue to guide us.

Lions are proud to remember others. We are honoured to participate each year in services of remembrance in our local communities.

We are humbled to offer shelter for visitors to the National Memorial Arboretum where we recall our Lions friends who have passed most recently on to higher service.

Lions Clubs encourage children in our communities to use art to reflect on world peace. We are proud to share their expressions, aspirations and dreams through our annual peace poster and essay contest.

Lions clubs serve their local communities through a wide range of activities and projects. Some of these operate at a global level, with others co-ordinated across the British Isles. Community projects are also developed locally, within individual clubs as well as across a number of clubs. Indeed, many of our larger projects start out as the idea of a single Lions member or club and become adopted – as all good ideas should – more widely over time.

Globally Lions Clubs International is active in a variety of service areas:

  • Youth – we empower the next generation through Lions youth programmes designed to build confidence, skills and recognise the contributio of young people in helping others.
  • Sight – we act to help reduce avoidable blindness and visual impairment, as well as improving the quality of life of those affected.
  • Diabetes – we aim, through the Lions Clubs International Foundation, to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and help those diagnosed with the condition in local communities around the world.
  • Hunger – we commit our time and resources to tackle the urgent challenges around food shortages wherever they occur.
  • Childhood cancer – we work with medical and social services to increase the global life expectancy and offer help to children living with cancer, and their families.
  • Environment – we get involved with local, national and international projects to help create a sustainable and healthy future for generations to come.
  • Natural disasters – we prepare for, and respond to, natural disasters providing short-term relief and long-term recovery within communities through the Lions Clubs International Foundation.

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