Guidelines – Infringement of copyright

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Guidelines – Infringement of copyright

Guidelines: Infringement of copyright – seek permission

Lions members in MD105 use all types of news and media outlets to share the Lions message of service and to share news about events where Lions are involved.

However, please do not use copyrighted materials of other organisations or individuals without their specific permission, when creating Lions materials using their content. Please do not publish copyrighted content belonging to other organisations on Lions websites, and on Lions social media sites, such as: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. This includes copyrighted photographs, logos, and trademarked slogans, and applies even if the copyrighted materials are widely available.

We as Lions defend the use of our Lions and Leos logos and Trademarks and our approved commercial relationships very robustly, and we must expect other organisations to do the same and to expect us to respect their copyright. Please check thoroughly to see if it is subject to copyright before you use any materials belonging to a third party, and do not use it if you do not have the specific permission of the copyright owner to do so.

Most organisations are vigilant about infringements, and where there has been a short-term one-off and totally accidental infringement by Lions they are usually agreeable to the immediate cessation of the breach to resolve the matter; but where there is a more serious and sustained breach, legal action may be considered by the copyright owner.

If you have any concerns about copyrighted materials, please do not hesitate to contact the MD Press Officer, Lion Mandy Broadbent at and they will be happy to help.

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