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Latest COVID-19 guidance

COVID-19 guidance

MD105 British Isles – Governmental Guidance on Social and Other Gatherings – Revised 10th September 2020


Fellow Lions

Many Clubs have asked for definitive guidance on restarting face to face Club meetings and other Lions activities.

On 9th September guidance was issued for England on social and other gatherings, with further detailed guidance issued on 10th September.  Again on 10th September further guidance was issued by the devolved Scottish government on managing the risk posed by social gatherings for the spread of the COVID-19 virus in their jurisdiction. As yet, no further changes have been notified by the Welsh Government.

Some Clubs have indicated that they have restarted face to face club meetings both indoors and outdoors, mindful of social distancing between members, and have in some cases used public venues which have not always enforced rigorous address information recording protocols or have held meetings and gatherings in member’s homes or gardens.

For the avoidance of doubt, Lions members should adhere to both the letter and the spirit of the legislation, and members should be exemplary in our compliance with the requirements of the law.

In England, as from Monday 14th September, with limited and specific exemptions, permitted social gatherings will be reduced to a maximum of 6 persons both indoors and outdoors, in both private and public settings, and the providers of public hospitality premises will be required by law to record and retain the details of patrons for Test and Trace purposes.

At the request of the Council of Governors, I have today obtained written confirmation from the Cabinet Office that in England there is an exemption from the 6 persons limit for both carrying out voluntary charitable activities and for holding meetings to specifically plan those activities.  This is subject to the social distancing requirements and the recording by commercial premises of participants in meetings for Test and Trace purposes.

There is no exemption for social gatherings or for social events.

In Scotland, the limit on gatherings reduces from 14th September to a maximum of 6 persons aged over 11 years, from 2 households both indoors and outdoors.

A simple chart of the position as of 14th September, based on the presently available information, is attached in alphabetical order of the administrations. I will add further updates as they are known.

NB This does not take account of any locally imposed further restrictions.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, or your District Health Safety Officer, if you have any questions.

Kind regards 

PCC PDG Heather Jeavons

MD 105 Compliance Officer

Email: compliance@lionsclubs.co.uk



Number of persons gathering

Linked Households

Indoors or Outdoors

Social Distance



Maximum of 6 persons (see above)

From all households

Both indoors and outdoors

1 metre plus, if 2 metres is not possible


Maximum of 6 persons over 11 years old

From 2 different households


2 metres


Maximum of 6 persons over 11 years old

From 2 different households


2 metres


Maximum 30 persons

From all households


2 metres


Maximum 4 households

Maximum of 4 linked households


2 metres

Isle of Man and The Channel Isles

Please refer to the latest government website





COVID-19 guidance

Government guidance in relation to COVID-19 (coronavirus) is being updated regularly.

Links to government websites

England: Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can’t do

Scotland: Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for individuals and businesses

Wales: Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for individuals and businesses

Isle of Man: Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for individuals and businesses

Jersey: Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance

Guernsey: Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance

Check the guidance for details on matters that may affect Lions Clubs in their local communities including:

  • Volunteering
  • Meeting others (including socialising)
  • Attending an activity club or community centre
  • Business meetings / club meetings
  • Social distancing
  • Wearing masks / face coverings
  • Organising public events
  • Visiting people indoors or outside
  • Use of public transport / sharing travel in private vehicles
  • Vulnerable groups
  • Attending funerals

Charity sector guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for the charity sector

Includes advice concerning:

  • AGMs and other critical meetings
  • Holding meetings online or by telephone
  • Using reserves and restricted funds
  • Fundraising and appeals

Street collection licence

Note: Clubs may require a street collection licence, depending on their local council to fund-raise door to door or other public places. Contact should be made with the relevant authority to check the application process and any restrictions due to COVID-19.

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