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District Conventions


About district conventions


Lions Clubs International requires every district throughout the world to hold an annual convention, attended by club delegates and other Lions members. District Conventions involve a business meeting where the new district governor and vice district governors are elected, district annual accounts are approved and subscriptions agreed, and reports of the work of the district cabinet officers are presented. In addition, clubs may raise issues and/or propose changes to district practices for debate.

District Conventions are not simply formal AGMs, as they offer an opportunity for Lions to meet up, exchange ideas and enjoy social activities. Interesting speakers may be invited to talk about their work or other topics. Open forum sessions are held and informal connections between Lions and their clubs are made.

The District Conventions must be held at least 30 days before the International convention. As of July 2019, the Multiple District of Lions Clubs in the British Isles comprises eight districts. Details of the District Conventions are shared via this site once available.

District 105A Convention 2021

See: http://lions105a.org/

District 105CE Convention 2021

See: https://www.lions105ce.org.uk

District 105CN Convention 2021

See: https://lionsclubs105cn.org.uk/

District 105CW Convention 2021

See: https://lions105cw.org.uk/

District 105N Convention 2021

See: https://lionsdistrict105n.org/

District 105SC Convention 2021

See: https://www.lions105sc.org.uk/

District 105SE Convention 2021

See: https://www.lionsclubs105se.org.uk

District 105SW Convention 2021

See: http://www.lions105sw.org.uk

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