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Final Nominations & Resolutions for Convention 2021

Please download the final Nominations and Resolutions with amendments together with the explanatory notes for debate at the MD Digital Convention on Saturday, 1st May 2021.

Final Nominations & Resolutions for MD Convention 2021

The Council of Governors has decided that the three resolutions concerning amendments to the MD Constitution (Resolutions D, E, and F) will be taken en-bloc at Convention to save time which will be at a premium.

Should your Club wish to debate any of these three resolutions, could you please inform the MD CNRO Lion Trevor Kell trevorkell@hotmail.com as soon as possible in order that the resolution you wish to debate may be removed from the bloc and listed as an individual resolution to facilitate debate on it.

If no club notifies the MD CNRO in advance, then they will be taken en-bloc.  

The link to the above statement issued by the Council of Governors can be downloaded in the attachment.

Resolution D, E & F to be taken en bloc

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