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Letter re Youth Camp 2023

Please click on the link to download the Letter concerning Youth Camp 2023

My Family of Lions,

Your Council of Governors has, with considerable regret, taken the difficult decision not to
hold a Youth Camp in 2023.

Council deliberated at length but concluded that minimising the financial risk to the Multiple
District was the prudent course of action given the number of applications received by the
end of March and with further commitments having to be made. The Council of Governors
and the Foundation Trustees have a duty of care when it comes to spending members
monies and, in this case, Council felt unable to sanction the risk or amounts needed to go
forward this year.

Our Multiple District is not alone cancelling or scaling back the 2023 Youth Camp and Youth
Exchange programme. There is an unwillingness among young people to travel due to the
high costs, the conflict in Europe, and the global financial crisis, to name but a few reasons.
The Council of Governors would like to thank the Lions of District 105A for all of their hard
work in securing a venue, preparing a full programme of activities, and gaining clubs’
support. Council is also aware that the Multiple District Officer had processed the
applications that had been received and will have the difficult task of advising applicants of
the decision taken.

Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, Council has not taken the decision to end
our involvement in the Youth Camp & Youth Exchange programme. Youth Camps and
Youth Exchange has been a major programme of our Multiple District for over 50 years, and
we have a deserved reputation for hosting and holding outstanding youth camps.

Your Council is determined, as is the Vice Council, that we will continue our involvement
and are discussing what action needs to be taken to ensure that, as we move on from the
reasons that gave rise to this decision, the programme in MD105 will be as attractive and
successful in the future as it has been over the past 50 years.

Kind regards

Alastair Joel

Chairman of Council 2022-23
LCI MD105 British Isles

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