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LION Magazine media pack

LION Magazine media pack

Advertising contact details

Name: Jayne Notley
Phone: 01778 391189
Email: jaynen@warnersgroup.co.uk

Media pack

The 2020/21 LION magazine media pack can be downloaded via the following link. It details ten top reasons to advertise as well as rates and technical specification.

LION magazine media pack 2020

Members of Lions Clubs International (MD105) are able to book adverts and encouraged to pass on the media pack to contacts who may be interested in the cost effective way to reach a readership in excess of 30,000.

Key information

The LION magazine [British Edition] is published by MD105 British Isles and printed by Warners (Midlands) plc, on behalf of Lions Clubs International.

For the Summer 2020 issue, the LION magazine was redesigned with an all new look. It aims to appeal to a diverse and engaged readership looking to be informed and inspired by articles and advertisements.

Click to access LION Magazine

Publication dates for the three editions published each year are: October, February and June.

Future features

Lions members are active in their local communities and support a wide range of causes, including the environment, health and activities for young people.

In addition to regular stories, news and articles relating to these causes and the activities of Lions clubs and members, each edition includes special features, that may be of interest to advertisers:

Autumn 2020 Vision / Technology / Christmas
Spring 2021 Food / Travel / Communities
Summer 2021 Health / Wellbeing / Sport

Advertising opportunities

With a circulation of 11,000 print copies, the LION magazine has an ABC1 readership of 30,000+ and reaches 600 communities across the British Isles.

Rates and specification details for whole, half and quarter page advertisements are provided in the Lions magazine media pack. Information for other page options, bellyband and inserts are available on request.

Single insertions can be booked – with a 15% discount offered for series bookings in three issues.

Amplification opportunities include:

  • Placing advertising alongside editorial features
  • Exclusive advertorial and page sponsorship
  • Develop offers for a responsive readership
  • Classified pages to target individuals and club spend
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