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Lions Clubs Insurance & Public Liability

Lions Clubs Insurance

Contact details

Name: Rebecca Hall
MD Title: MD Insurance Advisor


Email: insurance@lionsclubs.co.uk

Key information

Please note:

  • Lions Insurance Broker is Marsh
  • Contact MD Insurance Advisor regarding MD Insurance Certificate

Download files


Lions International Multiple District 105 British Isles - Summary of Cover 2019_V5.0

Hiscox Special Events Proposal Form_V1.0

Outdoor Event Questionaire

Additional Money Questionaire


Contingent Motor Cover

Cover is with Amlin (the same as last year). Premiums for cover are:

Daily charge: £28.00
Monthly charge: £448.00

All COVID-19 government guidelines must be adhered to.

Prices are per vehicle. Should more than one vehicle be involved in towing a Christmas Sleigh, each will be subject to an individual premium.

The policy will automatically give cover for damage to the sleigh attached to the vehicle or when unattached provided it is in the proximity of the vehicle. (for example: outside a shop during a fund-raising collection).

Amlin requires the following vehicle details to confirm cover:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Engine size
  • Registration
  • Value
  • Cover required
  • Duration of cover
  • Driver details
  • Where the vehicle is kept overnight

Please email details of your requirements to Insurance@lionsclubs.co.uk

Public liability insurance requirements

The insurance broker, Marsh, no longer requires an event checklist to be completed for any event. They do require a risk assessment to be completed for all events. This document must be held on file and will be requested in the event of a claim.

Club Property Cover

All clubs now have cover for £20,000 covering club property, to include equipment and regalia.

Should a club requires cover above £20,000 please email details to insurance@lionsclubs.co.uk

Money Cover

The limit of cover provided for money at an event is £5,000. To cover a greater amount, underwriting details need to be provided to Aviva. Please complete the additional money questionnaire in the above folder and send to insurance@lionsclubs.co.uk

Temporary money cover Cost

£5,000- £10,000: Own carryings/Cash limit:
£5,000- £10,000: Contingency security company carryings
£5,000- £10,000: Cash in safe

£84 inc IPT per event
£10,001-£25,000: Own carryings/Cash limit:
£10,001-£25,000: Contingency security company carryings
£10,001-£25,000: Cash in safe
£140 inc IPT per event
£25,001-£40,000: Own carryings/Cash limit:
£25,001-£40,000: Contingency security company carryings
£25,001-£40,000: Cash in safe
£280 inc IPT per event

Cancellation Cover for Events

This covers the loss of funds spent to set up an event. To obtain a for this cover, please complete the Hiscox special events proposal in the above folder and email to insurance@lionsclubs.co.uk. If the is taking place outside, the outdoor event questionnaire will also need to be completed and emailed.

Vehicle and sleigh cover stipulations

Please note the following stipulations:

  • Santa must be wearing a seat belt when in motion.
  • A sleigh’s maximum speed when Santa is on board is to be no more than four miles per hour.
  • No person, other than Santa, may ride on a sleigh.
  • Amlin requires risk assessments for all evening use to include a pre-visit to locations. This needs to detail major hazards, such as parked cars and potholes. Previous claims by Lions Clubs have involved one or the other of these.
  • It is suggested that sleights avoid driving down streets with cars parked on both sides. Most accidents occur when there has been insufficient spare to turn in such situations.
  • Cover will not be provided for any driver with more than six points on their licence. Details need to be presented to Amlin in advance of allowing cover for any driver who has had more than one claim in the last three years.

To obtain cover for vehicles for the towing of sleighs, send details of the vehicles and trailers to be covered, and the duration for which cover is required  to insurance@lionsclubs.co.uk

Requests should be sent as early as possible to allow time for discussion with the insurers. Should a quote be needed by a particular date, this must be advised when a request for cover.


Details of any potential claim must be emailed to insurance@lionsclubs.co.uk. For this to be processed, it is important to send as much detail about the claim as possible.



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