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Lions Sight Savers Trust Appeal

Lions Sight Savers Trust Appeal

Lions clubs are invited to support the Sightsavers appeal: Vision for a Brighter Future.

During the global pandemic, Sightsavers continues to support vulnerable people in countries where their fragile health systems are struggling more than ever.

Donations should be sent to the District Treasurer by cheque, made payable to the District and endorsed on the back: ‘Lions Sight Savers’.

Over the last 40 years, Lions clubs have donated £3.9 million through Sightsavers to help prevent thousands of people across Africa and Asia from going blind.

More than 2.2 billion people worldwide are blind or visually impaired. Of these, over 1 billion people worldwide have conditions that could be prevented or treated.

One child who has been helped by Sightsavers is Lovemore. Before a local eye screening camp identified his need for sight-restoring cataract sugery, Lovemore was unable to walk outside his home without his grandmother’s help or run around and play with his friends. You can read more about Lovemore in the Vision for a Brighter Furture report:

Vision for a brighter future

For more information on the Lions Sight Saver Trust Appeal contact:


Lions Sight Savers Trust:

David Firth, Trustee & Secretary 
Patrick Hamblin, Trustee
Email: patrick.hamblin@btinternet.com


Website: http://www.sightsavers.org/

Email: lions@sightsavers.org

See: Lions Sight Savers Trust entry in the Lions Clubs (MD105) British Isles Directory of projects, appeals and service areas

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