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Peace Poster & Peace Essay Winners 21-22

We are all connected – 2021/2022 Winners

Thank you to all the entrants of this year’s Peace Poster and Peace Essay Competition.

Peace Poster Winner Martha Gilson

Martha said “peace to me is the understanding of everyone in harmony”



The winner of the Peace Poster Competition is          Martha Gibson (aged 12)

sponsored by Ross on Wye Lions Club in District CW







Peace Essay Winner George Dukas

The winner of the Peace Essay Competition is George Dukas (aged 13) sponsored by Hemel Hempstead Lions Club in District A

Whoever we are we share a connection with others. We were all born into a family whose branches have spread over the years, some more than others.  We connect with our thoughts and beliefs with other groups of individuals yet we are unique and no two people, even identical twins are exactly the same. Life gives us many experiences and challenges that affect our being and those around us. We move areas, we see things our families don’t and we react in different ways. As we age the world grows smaller by visiting places outside of our circle. We gain new and different skills which enhance the person we are. We learn some lessons and modify our actions yet sometimes we can’t accept the change All of this is dependant on communications that keep us connected. Speech is the most effective tool as a voice to share. Telephone, social media in its many modes, television and the internet mean connections can be instant and over long distances. The world has become smaller even with space flight. But it is the connection of people together, close and familiar that mean the most. Spoken work is good but a look, a smile, a touch that shows someone understands and cares about another can bring such calm and peace. Empathy with another, an act of kindness towards the needy, putting yourself in their shoes goes a long way to showing the world at its best. The feeling of belonging, of not being alone is the unsurpassed. If we look towards peace in the world, doesn’t all of this mean one thing. Whoever we are and whatever we are we are not alone, we are definitely connected in some way. A huge family of humans who are different but not and who have the ability to communicate with each other, to have empathy and to make their living a better ideal. Lets join together and succeed regardless of colour, religion or language and by or connections work thorough our differences.

For more information on the competition for 2022/2023 ‘Lead with Compassion’ please click on the following link https://lionsclubs.co/MemberArea/knowledge/lions-international-peace-poster-and-peace-essay/
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