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Peace Poster & Peace Essay Winners 2020/2021

Peace Through Service – 2020/2021 Winners


Thank you to all the entrants of this year’s Peace Poster and Peace Essay Competition.

Peace Poster Winner Junsei Kinkead


The winner of the Peace Poster Competition is Junsei Kinkead (aged 13)

sponsored by Hatch End Lions Centennial Club, District 105A.







Peace Essay Winner Graham Gardiner


The winner of the Peace Essay Competition is Graham Gardiner (aged 11) with ‘Service is Everywhere’ sponsored by Fairlop Lions Club, District 105A

What does service mean in the world today? I think it means different things to different people in many parts of the World. Service means helping others, encouraging new ideas, doing things for your local area making people join together for better things.

Looking at the Lions Clubs it fits in with all they are and do. They lead by example. Hunger, eye problems, child cancer, diabetes and the environment around us, all benefit. It is not only these areas that need service from all.

Have you met a lonely person, someone struggling with emotional problems, lack of support, homelessness or with a disability. These things can happen to all ages and we can all do something in our own small way.

Make someone smile, lift their spirits, get that warm feeling knowing your little contribution has made a difference and maybe you can share and encourage others to do the same by serving. Age is not a barrier to service. Skin colour or religion should be forgotten because all that matters is hands sharing the work and people enjoying giving.

On a smaller scale what is needed around you? Everyone should open their eyes to where they can help and see what they are capable of. Small ideas can start bigger things. Service is freely given, not being beneath someone or above someone. It is being equal but having the ability to see a need. Service doesn’t have to be a financial cost – using your words can often make people feel better. By giving help to someone who needs it, either a physical item or an encouraging emotional support it is service. No one can do everything but we can all do something to make a better world.

All around the world millions are involved in voluntary work, looking after others. Even small actions can have a lasting impact by changing something for someone and changing how you are seen by others. The whole point of opening your eyes and doing something however small is that is starts the ball rolling towards more and more people working together and creating a happy peaceful society. If this can be encouraged more across countries it will make such a difference. Why should it only happen when a disaster occurs? By giving help to someone who needs it, reach out to others, use your talents, find a problem look for a way to help. When people join together to help others then life becomes easier and a little more peaceful and all feel valued.

For more information on the competition for 2021/2022 ‘We are all Connected’ please click on the following link https://lionsclubs.co/MemberArea/knowledge/lions-international-peace-poster-and-peace-essay/
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