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Refugee Appeal

This content has been archived. It may no longer be relevant

Click on the link below which is a letter from the Council of Governors in regards to a Refugee Appeal

Lions Clubs UK Charity Foundation - Refugee Appeal Letter


Dear Fellow Lions

Refugee Appeal


The Western World is facing its greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II.
This crisis is only going to become more critical and it will impact on us here in the UK.

Lions in the UK (#prideMD105)
Firstly a massive thank you for your contributions to those in need as a result of the recent events in Ukraine. You should all be very proud as Lions today. We will continue to step up to the mark to meet this humanitarian need. The most effective way to help these people, especially women and children, is by donating funds to be utilised in either Europe or the UK.
Donating money is the most effective way to help. When used in other countries it helps their own economies and pound for pound gives the best value for money.

How can your club help?
There are two very effective and simple ways to help:

1. Make a donation to Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) that will enable further grants to be made to Lions Clubs in countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, and others to help those arriving and transiting those countries.

2. Make a donation to our own LCI MD105 Foundation that will make grants available to Clubs in the UK helping deal with the challenges of the refugees in our own communities. The fund is
administered by trustees who are all Lions from the UK and understand the needs of both our country and the ways our Clubs will want to help those refugees arriving in the UK.

Remind all those donating or considering a donation that their gift will be administered and spent wisely and carefully by Lions Clubs – people who are volunteers, know their communities, and do not take an administrative fee!

Do not delay, donate, organise a fundraising event or project, pull together as a Club, enlist the support of your community, and be seen to take action.

All donations are to be made via your District Treasurer identifying where you want your donation(s) to go – LCIF or LCI MD105 Foundation.

If ever there was a time when we need to show acts of kindness it is now!

Council of Governors

March 2022

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