Young Leaders in Service Award (YLiS)

Encourages, guides and mentors young people

The Young Leaders in Service Awards recognises young people between the ages of 11-18 for their community service over 12 months.  There are three awards given for 12 months of community service, these are:

                                                 Bronze Seal Award Certificate for 25-49 hours

Silver Award Certificate for 50-99 hours

Gold Seal Award Certificate for 100 or more hours

On completion of 12 months service the young people awarded will receive a certificate, congratulatory letter and a Young Leaders pin.


Challenging Youth to Serve

Young Leaders in Service Awards

Young Leaders in Service Awards recognise young people between the ages of 11-18 for their community service over a 12 months period.

The starting date for the award is on the first hour of the community service given by the young person and the completion would be 12 months on the first anniversary of that date.

After the 12 months service the young person would receive either a bronze, silver or gold seal award certificate, depending upon the hours spent on the community service activity.

A congratulatory letter from the Lions Clubs of the British Isles Council Chair and a Young Leaders in Service pin would also be presented.

The Benefits

The benefits for young people are:

  • experience the rewards of community service
  • become involved in their community and with their local Lions club
  • receive an International award.

The benefits for Lions Clubs are:

  • experience the rewards of supporting young people
  • gain publicity from Young Leader in Service Awards activities
  • increase the profile of Lions in your community.

More information

Lions Clubs interested in supporting young people within their community through the Young Leaders in Service Awards, please click on the links below for full details and forms:

Questions may also be directed to the MD105 Young Leader in Service Award Officer, Lion Colin Marsh by email:


Finding Young People

Contact your local schools and youth organisations for young people aged between 11-18, such as Boys Brigades, Cadets, Girl Guides, Scouts, young people in church groups, sports clubs, young carers organisations and youth councils. 

Explain how the Young Leaders in Service Award works and the benefits it brings. 

Suggestions for projects

Here are the categories for the projects undertaken by the young people:

  • service for the elderly
  • service for children
  • the environment
  • safety training
  • service to parents and family
  • literacy and education
  • disaster relief
  • public health
  • taking a leaders role
  • community improvement
  • helping a Lions Club
  • any other service activity of your choice.

Presentation Ceremony

The presentation ceremony will help to:

  • recognise and reward young people for their commitment to community service
  • raise the profile of your Lions Club and confirm Lions commitment to young people.

There are various ways to hold a presentation ceremony.  They could be held at a school event, at a Lions presentation evening or at a youth organisations own event, to gain maximum number of people to attend.