Partnership Announcement with Brain Tumour Research

Partnership with Brain Tumour Research announced at the Lions UN Day in the Houses of Parliament,12 March 2019.

An initial four-year fundraising partnership for Lions Clubs International British Isles which will endeavour to raise a minimum of £1 million, upon which an individual laboratory within the wider facility of one of the charity’s dedicated Research Centres will be named for Lions Clubs International, in order to create a lasting legacy. For further information on the partnership, please download the announcement

2019 Winner of Shipshape Award

The winner of the 2019 Shipshape award at the MD105 Young Ambassador Awards this year went to Dannie Hawkins from District W, sponsored by Thornbury Lions Club.

This award is given to a Young Ambassador candidate who the judges feel would benefit from the experience in helping in their leadership skills.

This award is to crew a ‘tall’ ship for a week with able bodied and disabled crew of young people, who learn to work as a team and make decisions whilst sailing this magnificent ship from the Jubilee Sailing Trust.

DG Lion Stewart Sherman Kahn elected to be Council Chairman 2019 2020

We are delighted to announce that the incoming Council of Governors for 2019-20 have elected DG Lion Stewart Sherman Kahn from District 105M to be their Council Chairman.  A member of the 2018-19  Council of Governors, Stewart brings his strong leadership and organisational skills to the role of Council Chairman. Stewart is a member of the Birmingham Chinatown Lions Club.

We wish Stewart an enjoyable and successful year working with the incoming Council.