2019 Winner of Shipshape Award

The winner of the 2019 Shipshape award at the MD105 Young Ambassador Awards this year went to Dannie Hawkins from District W, sponsored by Thornbury Lions Club.

This award is given to a Young Ambassador candidate who the judges feel would benefit from the experience in helping in their leadership skills.

This award is to crew a ‘tall’ ship for a week with able bodied and disabled crew of young people, who learn to work as a team and make decisions whilst sailing this magnificent ship from the Jubilee Sailing Trust.

Young Ambassador Final 2018

Young Ambassador Final 2018

MD Young Ambassador Officer Lion Cath Kendall reported that the Final held in Dudley  was a fantastic weekend and that every District Young Ambassador spoke with such passion about their individual projects. All of the finalists arrived as strangers and left the event as firm friends. All of the District Young Ambassadors were worthy winners, however there has to be a winner and the judges awarded the prize to  Jemima Browning from District 105 C Sponsored by Selby Lions Club. Here is Jemima receiving her award from Council Chairman Lion Balvinder Singh Sokhi

Winner of the Ship Shape Award was Beth Rowe from 105 NE sponsored by Scarborough Lions Club, here is Beth receiving her award from PID Phil and Heidi Nathan

Last year’s Young Ambassador winner James Curtis did a super job supporting all the District finalists throughout the weekend. Cath would like to thank the Judges, all of the Lions that attended the final and a big thank you to all of the District Officers who work tirelessly throughout the year on this project and helped to ensure the Final was a huge success.