Peace Poster Winner and Essay Winner

Peace Poster Competition Winner  William Higgs

sponsored by Newport Lions Club District 105 CW entitled ‘Journey of Peace’

Essay Competition Winner Joseph Critchlow

sponsored by City of Liverpool Lions Club District CN

Journey of Peace

I looked at a World of conflict.  Who could help me answer a question, how can we solve the world’s problems?  There seems no way as we fight each other in our neighbourhoods, Cities and Countries for so many reasons.  How can we journey to save our forests and Oceans if we don’t have peace first? I looked at my City, Liverpool and wondered who could answer my peace question?  I went to a City Gateway, Lime Street Train station, and in my mind asked the statue of the great entertainer Sir Ken Dodd, ‘how can we find peace?’  I felt he said ‘share laughter, laugh together, happiness is a key.’  I looked up at the Liver bird statues, a symbol of our City at a Gateway to the Oceans.  I asked ‘how can we find peace?’  I felt they said to me ‘we can see across the world and time, we can see the Statue of Liberty.  Many people look at what is different, not the same, find what is the same and come together there.  This is a key.’

I went to the statue of John Lennon and asked ‘how do we find peace?’  I felt he said ‘Give peace a chance.  This is a key.’ I wondered, if just one person stopped and did just that, would others do the same?  Could I be that ‘mustard seed’ from which things grew?  Could my voice be heard?

I went to the statue of Noel Chavasse, who sacrificed his life in the Great War winning the highest award for bravery the Victoria Cross, twice.  I asked ‘how do we find peace?’  I felt he said ‘do what is right, help others.  Learn from the mistakes of history we paid for in blood.  Use your voice and strengths to tell others and help them learn.  This is a key.’

I stopped at the statue of John Hully, a founder of the modern Olympics.  I asked him ‘how can we find peace?’ I felt him say ‘sports are a way we can come together and celebrate what is the same, where we can have fun, keep healthy and make friends.  This is a key.’

My Journey to find an answer was complete.  I looked at all my keys.  Although I am visually impaired, I can lead the way, my voice can be heard, I can bring others together.  I may not see you well, the colour of your face or the clothes you wear, but I can help the world find peace by my example.  As Gandy said ‘there is no pathway to peace, peace is the pathway’, let me help lead you along that path by following my voice.  Let us come together in things like music and sports as better ways to see we are just the same.  It is from here we can work together in making a safer, better world.  We all have the keys.