If you are looking for Lions material to display at events, please find below links to hi-resolution pages, some of which have been taken from the #LionsGetInvolved resource.


Thank you to Lion Ian Snell for the photograph displaying posters from #LionsGetInvolved


The first of the posters is one which has been made available in a word document to enable you to insert a Club contact, Club name, and telephone number.  Click on either the A4 or A3 link, save to your computer and then open up the saved document.  Type in the text box provided before saving and printing –  Step Forward Poster – A4 Adaptable for Club use or Step Forward Poster – A3 Adaptable for Club use

Each of the following hi-resolution posters can be download and printed to A4, A3 or A2 size.  If you are printing any of the posters shown, they are best printed on a 190 grams silk paper.  For print enquiries please get in touch with Mandy via email


Click on here for Serve with Pride Poster – A4                              enlarged Serve with Pride Poster – A3                                                                    and Serve with Pride Poster – A2



Click on here for Humanitarian Poster – A4                            enlarged Humanitarian Poster – A3                                          and Humanitarian Poster – A2



Click on here for Message in a Bottle Poster – A4                  enlarged Message in a Bottle Poster – A3                                                                and Message in a Bottle Poster – A2



Click on here for Have fun and make a difference Poster – A4    enlarged Have fun and make a difference Poster – A3                          and Have fun and make a difference Poster- A2



Click on here for Christmas Poster – A4                                        enlarged Christmas Poster – A3                                                             and Christmas Poster – A2



Click on here for  Seasons Poster – A4                                                        enlarged Seasons Poster – A3                                                                      and Seasons Poster – A2