What is Lions Clubs Message in a Bottle?

Lions Clubs Message in a Bottle is a simple but effective way for people to keep their basic personal and medical details where they can be found in an emergency on a standard form and in a common location – the fridge.

Message in a Bottle helps emergency services personnel to save valuable time in identifying an individual very quickly and knowing if they have any allergies or take special medication.

Paramedics, police, fire-fighters and social services support Lions’ life-saving initiative and know to look in the fridge when they see the Message in a Bottle stickers. The initiative provides peace of mind that prompt and appropriate medical assistance can be provided, and next of kin / emergency contacts can be notified.

See below for further details and form for ordering Lions Message in a Bottle.

Order form

Please complete the following form to order a Lions Message in a Bottle.

Members of the public are able to order a single bottle or a small quantity.  The bottles themselves are free of charge, although there is a charge for postage and packing.  Please complete the form below and the postage and packing costs will be advised.

For larger orders of multiple bottles, please provide your contact information and someone will be in touch with details of costs.

Lions Clubs looking to order stocks of Message in a Bottle, please see details at: https://lionsclubs.co/MemberArea/knowledge/lions-message-in-a-bottle/

Email: enquiries@lionsclubs.co

Telephone: 0121 441 4544

Lions Message in a Bottle order form

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