Do you know the way to fairy wood? It’s a secret known only to those who carry fairy dust in their pockets. Go on, check now.

Fairy folk are nimble and very tidy. This is how Bexhill Lions spotted tell-tale signs that fairy friends were in their midst. There was a tiny pile of fairy dust – beside a broom made from a used matchstick and sparrow feathers – outside a fairy door where a small notice was pinned: Help wanted.

The Lions stepped forward and agreed to get involved with the fairies’ clever plan to create a Green Fairy Trail. This fun idea helps children in the local community learn about protecting the environment.

The trail was free to enter and decorated by Bexhill Lions using donated, salvaged, and recycled materials. Quiz sheets could be bought for £1, with crafted fairy things on sale at the end of the adventure. Children were invited to get creative, for example, by painting fairy doors to take home.

Bexhill Lions’ first Green Fairy Trail was a great success, entrancing around 150 children and adults. Trails in other local locations followed, with more planned this year.

“The fairies, as their custom, clapped their hands with delight over their cleverness.” – J.M. Barrie


Bexhill Lions Club