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New Lions Portal

New Lions Portal

The new Lions Portal goes live on 15 April 2024.

Registered users will receive an email informing them how to access the new system. It is important that all club secretaries ensure that members entries on MyLCI are up to date, particularly birth dates and email addresses are correct. All users will need a unique and unshared email address. Telephone numbers will no longer be supported as a log in credential.

From 12 April, MyLion and MyLCI will no longer be accessible.

Between 15 April and 13 May, registered users will receive an email from Lions International inviting them to register on the new system.  Instructions of how to do this will be included in the email. After 13 May, anyone trying to access the old system will be automatically redirected to the new Lions portal.

There is a series of short training videos

Each district will set up a series of support sessions on Zoom for members to try and answer any questions that users may have and to help solve any problems.

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