Lions clubs champion local community volunteers

Members of Lions Clubs from different parts of the British Isles have been revealed as the first 24 faces featured in a new campaign to champion local community volunteering.

One in two people in the British Isles volunteer, mostly to help others in their local communities. From small towns to major cities, in the countryside and around the coast, the work of volunteers – including 10,000 Lions members – make a real difference.

To encourage others to get involved, Lions Clubs members share their stories in an initiative designed to champion local community volunteers. “We wanted to highlight the reasons why people decide to step forward and volunteer,” says Mandy Broadbent, the Lions Club member behind the campaign.

“It’s important to champion local community volunteers as surprisingly many people have never thought about how they could help in their area. This campaign is an invitation from Lions Clubs members to anyone who’d like to volunteer in their local community – don’t wait to be asked, step forward and get involved.”


Lions member stories

About Lions Clubs

Lions Clubs members in the British Isles volunteer over 500,000 hours of service and raise around £9 million annually to support the needs of local communities.

Lions Clubs of the British Isles has 600 clubs and 10,000 members located in Scotland, England, and Wales, the Isle of Man, and the Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey.

The organisation is part of Lions Clubs International which has 1.4 million members in over 210 countries, making it the largest service club organisation in the world.

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