Audio booklet reports the value of local community volunteering.

Volunteering makes a real difference in local communities. Volunteers respond to real time needs and deliver valuable financial, social and cultural benefits to millions of people, projects and causes.

Whether undertaken by individuals or groups, like Lions clubs, volunteers are the essence of local communities. This is most evident during challenging times that disrupt the usual rhythm and flow of community life.

The 32-minute Lions Get Involved audio booklet from Lions Clubs British Isles talks about the value of local community volunteering. It comprises six short guides that celebrate:

  • the positive energy of young volunteers,
  • the power of paying forward,
  • the quiet work of helping others,
  • the joy of sharing food and friendship,
  • the vital role of welfare support,
  • and the pride of belonging to a community.



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About Lions Clubs

Lions Clubs members in the British Isles volunteer over 500,000 hours of service and raise around £9 million annually to support the needs of local communities.

Lions Clubs of the British Isles has 600 clubs and 10,000 members located in Scotland, England, and Wales, the Isle of Man, and the Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey.

The organisation is part of Lions Clubs International which has 1.4 million members in over 210 countries, making it the largest service club organisation in the world.

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